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- rom for stillhet og undring

Welcome to Kivletunet

- an old farm from the 1670s in the Kivledal of Seljord!

Kivletunet is situated in the heart of Telemark with steep ravines heading towards the south and the mountain Skorve at the back facing north. Here is the dwelling-place of the artist Bente Lindvig. New and old houses combine in love of tradition and creativity.

The owner of the place, Bente Lindvig, has worked with her artistic expressions for many years and is open to receive atelier visits. You may purchase paintings, books, cards, illustrated books, bread etc. Bente is a baker’s daughter from Skien.

Lindvig has had several exhibitions and art courses. She has been an art teacher at Seljord Folkehøgskule for 25 years.

The chapel is decorated and designed by the artist. A lasting "installation"- a room for reflection. At the opening there were 200 people present when the chapel was blessed and given room for all holy sermons connected to the christian tradition. The chapel can be used for memorials, weddings, baptisms or simple retreats or sermons.

Only a quiet time with music may give you a good retreat! The room follows the daily light in an interesting way because of the glass window. It reflects its creations through the room made by the light of the sun.

Accommodation can be possible at certain periods of the year. A rough, simple standard, but with charm. Suitable for one or two persons.

The old houses is a frame around the special place in Kivledalen. The legend about the Kivle-virgins has lived in the folklore for several hundred years and inspired musicians, the composer Edvard Grieg and several poets.

Beside the main house there is an atelier called Sva Marga. This means ”find your way”. The chapel called ”The Black Pearl” was inaugurated in 2006. A glass-house with a view towards the powerful Skorve mountain together with a pergola find their place here. A thinking tower is placed in the garden, dedicated to personal reflection. The old stabbur has all kinds of surprises. Lots of things to discover - small sculptures, paintings - even in the outdoor johnny!

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